Bonegirl's ANGIE Turns 32,000 miles in 32 months!

My story starts like this. I'm a 53 year old X-ray Tech who always had a fear of riding motorcycles due to the trauma and sadness I have experienced throughout my career. Three years ago my husband asked me to look at scooters with him. I felt a lump in my throat. Wasn't a scooter just a smaller version of a motorcycle? But off we went because he just wanted to "look". The scooter dealerership, Metro Scooter in Cincinnati, Ohio, suggested we focus on a new bike that had recently been introduced into the United States: The Genuine Buddy 125. It was cute and sporty but we didn't know much else. We left the shop and went home to do some research. Come to find out all the reviews we read online were positive. Maybe the Buddy was worth serious consideration. Back to Metro. We asked a thousand questions and received even more answers. After some discussion with my husband, Ben, WE decided to purchase a pair of the Buddys. Yes, I said WE. I had just turned 50, lost 60 pounds and cut my hair short. I had made some huge physical changes; why not go even further? So the purchases were made and the journey began. That was 2006.

Now, having ridden more than 30,000 miles, I know I made one of the most life changing decisions imaginable. The places I have ridden, the events I have participated in and the circle of friends I have made is mind boggling, even to me! Scooter Rallies and Charity/Benefit Motorcycle Rides were just a start to my adventure. Imagine being only one of two scooterists among 1,500 motorcycles in an inaugural Yellow Ribbon Support event. Imagine riding from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina through the Smoky Mountains during the winter with a dusting of snow on the roads. Imagine leading a group of 25 scooterists on a 50 mile jaunt, just to introduce them to some great chicken wings you stumbled upon one day while lost in a small town called Germantown, Ohio. Imagine making the Highlights page of, a professional photographer at Deal's Gap, North Carolina; not once, but twice. Imagine having an editorial published in a motorcycle magazine. The list goes on and on. What was once a fear became a journey. That journey has become an adventure. And it all started on my pink Buddy 125. Let the dreams continue to become reality and the highways remain endless. Ride on!