To Our Valued Customers:

Our first production shipment of 2010 Stella 4-Stroke arrived in Chicago on 6-9-2010, and was staged for review by United States Customs (Homeland Security) for clearance. Normally, this process can take a few days or up to a week. However, we have been advised that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has requested an "extensive" examination of the vehicles. Simply stated, EPA is evaluating the Stella 4T to validate all aspects of compliance outlined in our original certification documents issued for this model. At this point we have been advised to wait for a response from the government without any indication of how long it may take. We intend to cooperate fully with any of their requests.

We have the finest EPA certified test lab and certification agents in the business. We are doing everything in our power to expedite this review, but at this point the government has not given us a completion date. This is extremely difficult for us, for the dealer, and for you our customer, all of whom have been waiting for Stella 4T.

Be assured that we will keep you informed as this governmental process and review continues and we thank you for your support.

We appreciate your confidence and patience, and we look forward to delivering your new Stella as soon as possible.

Your friends at Genuine Scooters.

Genuine Scooter Co.