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PowerSports Business Nifty 50 List

PowerSports Business selected Geneuine Motor Oil for their Nifty 50 Top Products and Services for 2021.

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Curbside Live with Xoe Wise

A scooter show a day, keeps the blues away!

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G400C First Ride Impressions

"Behold the Genuine G400C. It is not expensive. It is not complex. And it certainly isn’t modern-looking. So what is it? It’s a fun-to-ride, simple and affordable ticket to the motorcycling world, a way to introduce new riders into the fold – or welcome old ones back in." - Alonzo Fumar

Read the rest of Alonzo's review of the G400C HERE.

MotoLavinder G400C Review

"Upon inspection, I had to admire the amount of retro detailing Genuine Scooters has invested in this affordable bike."

Read the rest of MotoLavinder review of the G400C HERE.

Awarely interviews Genuine Co-Founder Jim Kolbe

Jim Kolbe's interview for Awarely's Companies Worth Watching series.

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Stella 125 Automatic Recall Information

Genuine Scooters, LLC has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in the Stella 125 Automatic scooter.

The ECU on your Stella 125 Automatic may be defective. You may have trouble starting your scooter or your scooter may stop working during use, causing a crash without warning. Continue reading for additional information. Genuine Buddy 170i Scooter Review

"A tiny machine with a big motor. Twist the retro-chic brown right grip and the Buddy zips forward. I found fuel delivery spot-on, and the gear ratios and variator weights blend off-the-line pep, hill-climbing power and top end."
Read the rest of Motorcycle USA’s review of the Buddy 170i Scooter here

70,000 Miles on Buddy - Guinness World Record!

Exciting News: Nick Pappas officially crossed the 70,000 mile mark on his Buddy 125! He’s riding his Buddy 125 70,000 miles to set a Guinness World Records record for most miles ridden on a scooter in 3 years! Nick changes his oil, washes and waxes every 1,000 miles, changes his filter every 2,000 miles and “guarantees no other scooter can out perform this scooter”.

Genuine Announcement - July 1st, 2013

William Jackson, majority shareholder of Scooterworks Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Genuine Scooters, LLC, announced today... [Read more]

Kardashians riding Genuine Buddys

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian visit the Genuine Dealer in Miami this Sunday 4/18 at 8pm CST on the E! network. All the Kardashians drive Buddy Scooters from Genuine Scooter Company in Chicago. Tune in to E! to see the episode!

Amerivespa 2012 Review: by Ron Arnold

Check out Ron Arnold's Amerivespa 2012 review for the Detroit Scooter Examiner

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Scooterfile SF Review: The Stella 4T

If you are the sort who is charmed by antiquated machines, then Stella 4T deserves your attention... all I can do with the Stella is evaluate it for exactly what it is: a new, old-fashioned scooter.

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Scooters are on the Move : Scoot Richmond in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Today, if you spend much time in Richmond, it won't take long to see people whizzing by on scooters or one propped outside a restaurant. Whether for recreation or an everyday mode of transport, scooters have become so popular in Richmond that they may very well become part of the culture here, too.

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U R Awesome Inc in Huffington Post

Kemy Joseph and the Genuine Kindness Tour are featured in the Huffington Post! Kemy is currently riding around the US on a bright red scooter. The aim of the tour is to emphasize the difference that can be made with just a little effort, kindness and positivity.

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My Buddy

We saw this fun video, Genuine Scooters - A ride with my Buddy, over on and think it's great! Be sure to check it out!

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2012 Genuine Stella: A second opinion

Scootin' Old Skool takes a second look at Stella

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Chicagoans Consider Scooters for Alternate Transportation

FOX Chicago's Patrick Elwood joins us live on the northwest side at the scooter dealership ScooterWorks, to talk about how convenient this little motor-vehicle can be.

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Scoot Toward Better MPG's

Gas prices hit $4 a gallon, and many scoot toward better mpg's. CBS 6 news segment on scooters and Scoot Richmond.

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Scooter Girls

Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson ride Buddy Scooters for their new movie Spring Breakers.

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Genuine Buddy in Palm Springs Life's Desert Guide

Scoot Palm Springs rental Genuine Buddys get a shout out in Palm Springs Life's Desert Guide March 2012 edition in their article The 5 Rs of the Resort Experience.

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Cabin Fever

Jan 28th, 2012 the much heralded "Cabin Fever" event took place at Scooterville in Minneapolis this weekend. 14 Scooters found their way to new owners! There were a lot of great friends to meet, some great catered lunches, and the typically GREAT spirit that's always present in Minnesota in January. Scooters are still great fun even at 25 degrees!

Watch stories from some awesome scooter lovers

Genuine Scooters: Born in the USA

PLAY GOES STRONG — "Go Genuine— let the wind blow through your hair, be the envy of your style-conscious friends and inject a little capital-F fun back in your life!"

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Tom Hanks leads scooter craze

LOS ANGELES — Tom Hanks' arrival on a beat-up 1981 Yamaha Riva scooter at the Larry Crowne premiere Monday gave a glimmer of hope to the growing subculture of scooter riders across the country.

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Scooter sales surge after two-year slump

Sales of the two-wheeled, fuel-efficient vehicles soared 50% in the first three months of the year as gas prices rose. Experts expect more growth ahead.

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Stella 4 stroke 3000 MILE REVIEW IS IN!!!

"Faster than I thought it'd be, especially after break in. Handles great; no pulling to the side, very well-balanced."

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Jerry reviews his new BLUR 220i. A must read!

"It won't shoot off the line like a motorcycle but it is not slow by any means. After the initial jump off the line is when it really will get up and go."

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What's new for 2011?

Listen to our Podcast about Genuine Scooters for 2011 and listen to a couple of rider stories with Lynlee from California and Angie from Ohio.


Review: Motorcycle USA Takes A Look At Our New Stella 4-Stroke!

"...Stella isn't about doing the Hustle. It's about grooving to your own soundtrack, and enjoying a very elemental scooter experience. It looks right, performs right... and will convince you—and anybody who's looking—that you're riding a vintage Italian scooter."

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Pete Waterman is riding his Rattler 110 from Washington, DC to Alaska.

"...I've decided to ride a scooter from Washington DC up north through Canada to Deadhorse Alaska — making the final 414 miles to the Arctic Ocean along the Dalton Highway made famous by the show Ice Road Truckers.  In order to maintain some level of sanity, I'll be doing this in July and August, two of the warmest months of the year up north with nearly endless days..."

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Genuine Blur SS220i - initial impressions

By: Detroit Scooter Examiner, Ron Arnold

"The Blur is full of surprising touches... The Blur SS220i is a great scooter, one that needs to be ridden, some more, right now... The fuel injection and monster motor make the Blur into a sort of mega-scooter. It rides firm, the seat is firm and the tires (low-profile 13 inchers) are stiff. It all adds up to something that I've not experienced in a scooter - precision."

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Genuine Scooter hopes fun spirit will carry it through downturn


For its first five years, Genuine Scooter Co. registered annual sales growth of close to 50 percent as rising fuel prices prompted people to look for alternative modes of transportation. Then, in 2008, sales of the North Side distributor skyrocketed in a banner year for the scooter industry.

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What's new for 2010?

What's new with Genuine Scooters for the company president's own words?

The popular scooter site features an ongoing series of Podcasts from Genuine Scooter Company President Philip McCaleb. Philip has been an avid scooterist for 30 years. Listening to these Podcasts, it's evident that he has the same passion for scooters now as he did when he first flew through the streets of Athens on an old Vespa!

Jay Leno and NoHo Scooters!

Jay Leno just autographed a Buddy 125 that will be auctioned by Outfest, a Gay/Lesbian Arts non profit organization. More information about the auction to come.

BoneGirl's scooter hits 32,000 miles in 32 months!

"Today I turned 32,000 miles in a 32 month riding time frame. My Pink Buddy's Anniversary is actually June 30th but I had to take 4 months off my riding due to injuries (NOT crash related!). Even at that, 32,000 miles since I bought the scooter 3 years ago is impressive. I just ride as often as I can. Sometimes I travel here and there and accumulate a lot of miles without really thinking about it. I just keep my fingers crossed and thank God I have a great mechanic at home (Thank You, Lagerhead!). He keeps the Buddy running like new and I really appreciate his maintenance skills." --See Modern Buddy for more.

Genuine Scooters proudly sponsors "The Plant Detective", airing regularly on NPR affiliate stations across the USA.

Genuine Scooters is sponsoring "The Plant Detective" which runs daily in many of NPRs markets. The website is Genuine Scooter Company is commited to the environment, as evidenced by their range of low-emissions, high mileage two wheel transportation. "Providing clean, GREEN transportation and endless smiles to the scootering faithful".

Bolla Buddy Italia Giveaway

Do you have a taste for Italian-style adventure? Then jump on the chance to win a Buddy Italia Scooter from Bolla. The Buddy Italia has the timeless lines and tasteful chrome highlights of the classic Italian scooters you'll find in Rome. It's the only way to roll when you're passionate about life and all the flavors it offers. Grand Prize: Five (5) Buddy Italia Scooters