Manage Dealer Applications

After a Dealer Application is received, confirmation emails are sent to M Lindberg via email, the user is pre-registered with an account to allow an easy login, and stored internally for records.

Dealer Zone applications can be managed from this page internally:    Select ‘Edit’ to open the application. (It may be good practice to remove the application once you process it, or set the status to Draft.)


How to accept a Dealer application (Activate account, send confirmation email)

Once a dealer submits an application, the user is pre-registered in the Users section, and you can send a Password Reset to the user granting them Dealer Portal access.

Alternatively, you can select Edit to open the user’s account and manually update the password as shown here:

Once you decide to approve a dealer applicant, don’t forget to add their store into the store locator so your customers can find them. That can be done quickly here: (A tutorial video has been prepared to walkthrough that process as well:

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