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It’s been 20 years since, Dave Lee and Rick Ronvik recreated their 1953 trip across Europe. They set out as young men, fueled by adventure and a desire to explore. Now older and wiser, they retraced their steps, driving the same roads, visiting the same pubs, and taking pictures at the same locations as they did in 1953. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reliving the excitement and joy of their youth.

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We partnered with Timex to give away a Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150 scooter and their newest Marlin Automatic Sub-Dial watch to one very lucky winner! Go follow @Timex to check it out and enter!

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Contest ends 4/6/2023

PowerSports Business selected Genuine Motor Oil for their Nifty 50 Top Products and Services for 2021.



A scooter show a day, keeps the blues away!

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“Behold the Genuine G400C. It is not expensive. It is not complex. And it certainly isn’t modern-looking. So what is it? It’s a fun-to-ride, simple and affordable ticket to the motorcycling world, a way to introduce new riders into the fold – or welcome old ones back in.” – Alonzo Fumar


“Upon inspection, I had to admire the amount of retro detailing Genuine Scooters has invested in this affordable bike.” – MotoLavinder


Exciting News: Nick Pappas officially crossed the 70,000 mile mark on his Buddy 125! He’s riding his Buddy 125 70,000 miles to set a Guinness World Records record for most miles ridden on a scooter in 3 years! Nick changes his oil, washes and waxes every 1,000 miles, changes his filter every 2,000 miles and “guarantees no other scooter can out perform this scooter”.


“If you are the sort who is charmed by antiquated machines, then Stella 4T deserves your attention… all I can do with the Stella is evaluate it for exactly what it is: a new, old-fashioned scooter.” – Nathaniel Salzman


Kemy Joseph and the Genuine Kindness Tour are featured in the Huffington Post! Kemy is currently riding around the US on a bright red scooter. The aim of the tour is to emphasize the difference that can be made with just a little effort, kindness and positivity.


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