Genuine Motor Oil is a full line of synthetic and semi-synthetic, JASO certified oil designed for scooters and motorcycles with the highest level of certification in the market. Genuine Motor Oil is the official oil of all Genuine Scooters and Motorcycles, but isn’t limited to just the Genuine product line.

Available at your local Genuine Dealer.

JASO FD-Rated Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
SKU: 1400-1085

2-Stroke scooters are performance machines and need performance oil. FD is the highest JASO rating possible for 2T oil, and sets itself apart with higher detergency and reduced exhaust-blocking smoke.

Full Synthetic product with JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD, API TC, and Husqvarna 346 and 372 certifications.

10W40 MA-2 Engine Oil
SKU: 1400-1086

This oil is designed to work better with a wet clutch than conventional 10W40 and is recommended for motorcycles.

Full Synthetic product with JASO MA-2, API SN certifications

15W40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
SKU: 1400-1087

This oil was specifically designed to meet manufacturer specifications on many automatic scooter models. The JASO MB designation means this oil is formulated to reduce heat, increase fuel economy and increase engine longevity via friction reduction modifiers contained within the oil. It’s specifically designed for the dry clutches of automatic, variated clutches that come on most scooters, small atvs, and utvs.

Full Synthetic product with a JASO MB certification.

5W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
SKU: 1400-1094
This oil is specifically designed to meet the most current performance requirements of the JASO T903-2016 MA2 and API SN service standards. 

Also suitable for use in wet clutch motorcycle applications.

85W-140 Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil
SKU: 1400-1089

The perfect size and weight for your next gear oil change. This is another hard-to-find oil formulated for scooterists, by scooterists.

Technical MSDS Sheets:
2-Stroke Motor Oil
10W-40 Motor Oil
15W-40 Motor Oil
5W-40 Motor Oil
85W-140 Gear Oil